The Jefferson Club is for anyone interested in making sound and informed long term, strategic decisions in view of the current economic, social, and political climate. Our goal is to better understand the direction of the economy, society, and politics, both in terms of trends and surprises. If you seek a better understanding of what's happening in the world and how it will impact you and your family, then join us.

Our assumptions:

  • You are an investor. At a minimum you are saving for retirement.
  • You have a full-time job. You don't have time for day trading and your assets are insufficient to justify full-time investing.
  • You are, though, willing to take some time to make occasional investment decisions.
  • You are not here to debate public policy. You are not here to determine what policy makers should do.
  • You are not here to engage in politics. You are not here to be persuaded how to vote or to persuade others how to vote.
  • You are seeking to make more informed strategic decisions in your life, particularly investment decisions.